author James Graham <>
Thu, 11 Oct 2018 15:05:16 +0000
changeset 499204 b01876f4f16eddbcfdc203e99f32356a81763863
parent 489095 a8e3b457c43d7686b915463c93ad9aeb5b737f82
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Bug 1498215 - Fix problem importing scandir when system scandir exists, r=davehunt If scandir is already present on the system the attempt to import the c helper library will currently find the c helper from the system install which may well be an outdated verion, so causing mach to break. To solve this this patch does two things: * Stops importing scandir in files that are run unconditionally when invoking mach. This is generally considered good for performance reasons. * Installs the vendored scandir into the virtualenv for `mach lint` rather than trying to import it directly from the source tree and so not getting the c helper library. Differential Revision:

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