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Bug 1398277: special-case retriggering of tasks not in the taskgraph; r=bstack This will apply to cron tasks, action tasks, and decision tasks. It is a distinct retrigger implementation because (a) we do not want to follow dependencies, and (b) it takes a lot of scopes to create a decision task, so we need to limit access to this action. MozReview-Commit-ID: 21DVSiagcrO

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#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsDisplayItemTypes.h"

struct RawServoAnimationValue;
class nsIFrame;

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class Animation;
class CompositorAnimations;
class Layer;
class LayerManager;
struct AnimData;

class AnimationInfo
  typedef InfallibleTArray<Animation> AnimationArray;
  explicit AnimationInfo(LayerManager* aManager);
  virtual ~AnimationInfo();

  // Ensure that this AnimationInfo has a valid (non-zero) animations id. This value is
  // unique across layers.
  void EnsureAnimationsId();

  // Call AddAnimation to add a new animation to this layer from layout code.
  // Caller must fill in all the properties of the returned animation.
  // A later animation overrides an earlier one.
  Animation* AddAnimation();

  // These are a parallel to AddAnimation and clearAnimations, except
  // they add pending animations that apply only when the next
  // transaction is begun.  (See also
  // SetBaseTransformForNextTransaction.)
  Animation* AddAnimationForNextTransaction();

  void SetAnimationGeneration(uint64_t aCount) { mAnimationGeneration = aCount; }
  uint64_t GetAnimationGeneration() { return mAnimationGeneration; }

  // ClearAnimations clears animations on this layer.
  void ClearAnimations();
  void ClearAnimationsForNextTransaction();
  void SetCompositorAnimations(const CompositorAnimations& aCompositorAnimations);
  bool StartPendingAnimations(const TimeStamp& aReadyTime);
  void TransferMutatedFlagToLayer(Layer* aLayer);

  uint64_t GetCompositorAnimationsId() { return mCompositorAnimationsId; }
  RawServoAnimationValue* GetBaseAnimationStyle() const
    return mBaseAnimationStyle;
  InfallibleTArray<AnimData>& GetAnimationData() { return mAnimationData; }
  AnimationArray& GetAnimations() { return mAnimations; }
  bool ApplyPendingUpdatesForThisTransaction();
  bool HasTransformAnimation() const;

  // In case of continuation, |aFrame| must be the first or the last
  // continuation frame, otherwise this function might return Nothing().
  static Maybe<uint64_t> GetGenerationFromFrame(nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                                DisplayItemType aDisplayItemKey);

  LayerManager* mManager;
  AnimationArray mAnimations;
  uint64_t mCompositorAnimationsId;
  nsAutoPtr<AnimationArray> mPendingAnimations;
  InfallibleTArray<AnimData> mAnimationData;
  // If this layer is used for OMTA, then this counter is used to ensure we
  // stay in sync with the animation manager
  uint64_t mAnimationGeneration;
  RefPtr<RawServoAnimationValue> mBaseAnimationStyle;
  bool mMutated;

} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla