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Fri, 13 Dec 2013 14:24:37 +1100
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Bug 935793 (part 2) - rename browser-shown notifications and send them for all frames. r=smaug

# To Trigger a clobber replace ALL of the textual description below,
# giving a bug number and a one line description of why a clobber is
# required. Modifying this file will make configure check that a
# clobber has been performed before the build can continue.
# MERGE NOTE: When merging two branches that require a CLOBBER, you should
#             merge both CLOBBER descriptions, to ensure that users on
#             both branches correctly see the clobber warning.
#                  O   <-- Users coming from both parents need to Clobber
#               /     \
#          O               O
#          |               |
#          O <-- Clobber   O  <-- Clobber
# Note: The description below will be part of the error message shown to users.
# Modifying this file will now automatically clobber the buildbot machines \o/

# Are you updating CLOBBER because you think it's needed for your WebIDL
# changes to stick? As of bug 928195, this shouldn't be necessary! Please
# don't change CLOBBER for WebIDL changes any more.
Bug 928195 rewrote WebIDL build system integration from the ground up. This
will hopefully be the last required clobber due to WebIDLs poorly interacting
with the build system.