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Fix a few more issues with eSyleUnit_Chars in computed style. Bug 391221, r+sr+a=dbaron

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface nsIAtom;

[scriptable, uuid(72152f7f-7e8d-43fd-8477-3f29ae8d240d)]
interface nsIXTFAttributeHandler : nsISupports
  // If 'false' the given attribute will be handled by the wrapper.
  // Namespaced attributes will always be handled by the wrapper. The
  // set of attributes handled by the attribute handler should remain
  // constant for its complete lifetime.
  boolean handlesAttribute(in nsIAtom name);
  void setAttribute(in nsIAtom name, in AString newValue);
  void removeAttribute(in nsIAtom name);

  // If the attribute 'name' is unknown the implementation should mark
  // the returned string as being 'null' (i.e. return 'null' in JS;
  // call SetIsVoid(PR_TRUE) in C++) rather than throw an exception.
  // A 'void' result will be translated into the attribute missing
  // by the wrapper. An empty result will be translated into
  // the attribute having no value.
  AString getAttribute(in nsIAtom name);
  boolean hasAttribute(in nsIAtom name);
  unsigned long getAttributeCount();

  // note that this method should return an *atom* not a string.
  nsIAtom getAttributeNameAt(in unsigned long index);