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Thu, 01 Sep 2016 15:01:16 +1000
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Bug 1299727 - Rename NS_WARN_IF_FALSE as NS_WARNING_ASSERTION. r=erahm. The new name makes the sense of the condition much clearer. E.g. compare: NS_WARN_IF_FALSE(!rv.Failed()); with: NS_WARNING_ASSERTION(!rv.Failed()); The new name also makes it clearer that it only has effect in debug builds, because that's standard for assertions.

// Parent config file for all devtools xpcshell files.
  "extends": [
  "rules": {
    // Allow non-camelcase so that run_test doesn't produce a warning.
    "camelcase": 0,
    // Allow using undefined variables so that tests can refer to functions
    // and variables defined in head.js files, without having to maintain a
    // list of globals in each .eslintrc file.
    // Note that bug 1168340 will eventually help auto-registering globals
    // from head.js files.
    "no-undef": 0,
    "block-scoped-var": 0,
    // Allow run_test to be unused in xpcshell
    "no-unused-vars": [2, { "varsIgnorePattern": "run_test" }],
    // Tests can always import anything.
    "mozilla/reject-some-requires": 0,