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Bug 1512990 - Part 4 - remove declarations of Recv/Answer methods from IPDL protocol base class; r=froydnj For cases where the class has direct calls (that is, we cast `this` to the subclass before making the call) no longer declare Recv/Answer methods on the base class at all. This should ensure that slots for them are not generated in vtables, and also allow the derived class to choose the method signature (e.g. whether it wants to take something by reference or by value). Differential Revision:

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#include <stddef.h>  // for size_t
#include <stdint.h>  // for uint64_t, uint32_t
#include "CompositableTransactionParent.h"
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"        // for override
#include "mozilla/ipc/SharedMemory.h"  // for SharedMemory, etc
#include "mozilla/layers/PLayerTransactionParent.h"
#include "nsRefPtrHashtable.h"
#include "nsTArrayForwardDeclare.h"  // for InfallibleTArray

namespace mozilla {

namespace ipc {
class Shmem;
}  // namespace ipc

namespace layers {

class Layer;
class HostLayerManager;
class ShadowLayerParent;
class CompositableParent;
class CompositorAnimationStorage;
class CompositorBridgeParentBase;

class LayerTransactionParent final : public PLayerTransactionParent,
                                     public CompositableParentManager,
                                     public ShmemAllocator {
  typedef InfallibleTArray<Edit> EditArray;
  typedef InfallibleTArray<OpDestroy> OpDestroyArray;
  typedef InfallibleTArray<PluginWindowData> PluginsArray;

  friend class PLayerTransactionParent;

  LayerTransactionParent(HostLayerManager* aManager,
                         CompositorBridgeParentBase* aBridge,
                         CompositorAnimationStorage* aAnimStorage, LayersId aId,
                         TimeDuration aVsyncRate);


  void Destroy();

  void SetLayerManager(HostLayerManager* aLayerManager,
                       CompositorAnimationStorage* aAnimStorage);

  LayersId GetId() const { return mId; }
  Layer* GetRoot() const { return mRoot; }

  LayersObserverEpoch GetChildEpoch() const { return mChildEpoch; }
  bool ShouldParentObserveEpoch();

  ShmemAllocator* AsShmemAllocator() override { return this; }

  bool AllocShmem(size_t aSize, ipc::SharedMemory::SharedMemoryType aType,
                  ipc::Shmem* aShmem) override;

  bool AllocUnsafeShmem(size_t aSize, ipc::SharedMemory::SharedMemoryType aType,
                        ipc::Shmem* aShmem) override;

  void DeallocShmem(ipc::Shmem& aShmem) override;

  bool IsSameProcess() const override;

  void SetPendingTransactionId(TransactionId aId, const VsyncId& aVsyncId,
                               const TimeStamp& aVsyncStartTime,
                               const TimeStamp& aRefreshStartTime,
                               const TimeStamp& aTxnStartTime,
                               const TimeStamp& aTxnEndTime, bool aContainsSVG,
                               const nsCString& aURL,
                               const TimeStamp& aFwdTime);
  TransactionId FlushTransactionId(const VsyncId& aId,
                                   TimeStamp& aCompositeEnd);

  // CompositableParentManager
  void SendAsyncMessage(
      const InfallibleTArray<AsyncParentMessageData>& aMessage) override;

  void SendPendingAsyncMessages() override;

  void SetAboutToSendAsyncMessages() override;

  void NotifyNotUsed(PTextureParent* aTexture,
                     uint64_t aTransactionId) override;

  base::ProcessId GetChildProcessId() override { return OtherPid(); }

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvShutdown();
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvShutdownSync();

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvPaintTime(const TransactionId& aTransactionId,
                                        const TimeDuration& aPaintTime);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvUpdate(const TransactionInfo& aInfo);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvSetLayersObserverEpoch(
      const LayersObserverEpoch& aChildEpoch);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvNewCompositable(const CompositableHandle& aHandle,
                                              const TextureInfo& aInfo);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvReleaseLayer(const LayerHandle& aHandle);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvReleaseCompositable(
      const CompositableHandle& aHandle);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvClearCachedResources();
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvScheduleComposite();
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvSetTestSampleTime(const TimeStamp& aTime);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvLeaveTestMode();
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvGetAnimationValue(
      const uint64_t& aCompositorAnimationsId, OMTAValue* aValue);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvGetTransform(const LayerHandle& aHandle,
                                           MaybeTransform* aTransform);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvSetAsyncScrollOffset(
      const ScrollableLayerGuid::ViewID& aId, const float& aX, const float& aY);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvSetAsyncZoom(
      const ScrollableLayerGuid::ViewID& aId, const float& aValue);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvFlushApzRepaints();
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvGetAPZTestData(APZTestData* aOutData);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvRequestProperty(const nsString& aProperty,
                                              float* aValue);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvSetConfirmedTargetAPZC(
      const uint64_t& aBlockId, nsTArray<ScrollableLayerGuid>&& aTargets);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvRecordPaintTimes(const PaintTiming& aTiming);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvGetTextureFactoryIdentifier(
      TextureFactoryIdentifier* aIdentifier);

  bool SetLayerAttributes(const OpSetLayerAttributes& aOp);

  void ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason why) override;

  template <typename T>
  bool BindLayer(const RefPtr<Layer>& aLayer, const T& aCreateOp) {
    return BindLayerToHandle(aLayer, aCreateOp.layer());

  bool BindLayerToHandle(RefPtr<Layer> aLayer, const LayerHandle& aHandle);

  Layer* AsLayer(const LayerHandle& aLayer);

  bool Attach(Layer* aLayer, CompositableHost* aCompositable,
              bool aIsAsyncVideo);

  void AddIPDLReference() {
    MOZ_ASSERT(mIPCOpen == false);
    mIPCOpen = true;
  void ReleaseIPDLReference() {
    MOZ_ASSERT(mIPCOpen == true);
    mIPCOpen = false;
  friend class CompositorBridgeParent;
  friend class CrossProcessCompositorBridgeParent;

  // This is a function so we can log or breakpoint on why hit
  // testing tree changes are made.
  void UpdateHitTestingTree(Layer* aLayer, const char* aWhy) {
    mUpdateHitTestingTree = true;

  RefPtr<HostLayerManager> mLayerManager;
  CompositorBridgeParentBase* mCompositorBridge;
  RefPtr<CompositorAnimationStorage> mAnimStorage;

  // Hold the root because it might be grafted under various
  // containers in the "real" layer tree
  RefPtr<Layer> mRoot;

  // Mapping from LayerHandles to Layers.
  nsRefPtrHashtable<nsUint64HashKey, Layer> mLayerMap;

  LayersId mId;

  // These fields keep track of the latest epoch values in the child and the
  // parent. mChildEpoch is the latest epoch value received from the child.
  // mParentEpoch is the latest epoch value that we have told TabParent about
  // (via ObserveLayerUpdate).
  LayersObserverEpoch mChildEpoch;
  LayersObserverEpoch mParentEpoch;

  TimeDuration mVsyncRate;

  struct PendingTransaction {
    TransactionId mId;
    VsyncId mTxnVsyncId;
    TimeStamp mVsyncStartTime;
    TimeStamp mRefreshStartTime;
    TimeStamp mTxnStartTime;
    TimeStamp mTxnEndTime;
    TimeStamp mFwdTime;
    nsCString mTxnURL;
    bool mContainsSVG;
  AutoTArray<PendingTransaction, 2> mPendingTransactions;

  // When the widget/frame/browser stuff in this process begins its
  // destruction process, we need to Disconnect() all the currently
  // live shadow layers, because some of them might be orphaned from
  // the layer tree.  This happens in Destroy() above.  After we
  // Destroy() ourself, there's a window in which that information
  // hasn't yet propagated back to the child side and it might still
  // send us layer transactions.  We want to ignore those transactions
  // because they refer to "zombie layers" on this side.  So, we track
  // that state with |mDestroyed|.  This is similar to, but separate
  // from, |mLayerManager->IsDestroyed()|; we might have had Destroy()
  // called on us but the mLayerManager might not be destroyed, or
  // vice versa.  In both cases though, we want to ignore shadow-layer
  // transactions posted by the child.

  bool mDestroyed;
  bool mIPCOpen;

  // This is set during RecvUpdate to track whether we'll need to update
  // APZ's hit test regions.
  bool mUpdateHitTestingTree;

}  // namespace layers
}  // namespace mozilla