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Bug 1512990 - Part 4 - remove declarations of Recv/Answer methods from IPDL protocol base class; r=froydnj For cases where the class has direct calls (that is, we cast `this` to the subclass before making the call) no longer declare Recv/Answer methods on the base class at all. This should ensure that slots for them are not generated in vtables, and also allow the derived class to choose the method signature (e.g. whether it wants to take something by reference or by value). Differential Revision:

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#ifndef mozilla_layers_APZChild_h
#define mozilla_layers_APZChild_h

#include "mozilla/layers/PAPZChild.h"

namespace mozilla {

namespace layers {

class GeckoContentController;

 * APZChild implements PAPZChild and is used to remote a GeckoContentController
 * that lives in a different process than where APZ lives.
class APZChild final : public PAPZChild {
  explicit APZChild(RefPtr<GeckoContentController> aController);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvRequestContentRepaint(
      const RepaintRequest& aRequest);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvUpdateOverscrollVelocity(
      const float& aX, const float& aY, const bool& aIsRootContent);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvUpdateOverscrollOffset(
      const float& aX, const float& aY, const bool& aIsRootContent);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvNotifyMozMouseScrollEvent(const ViewID& aScrollId,
                                                        const nsString& aEvent);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvNotifyAPZStateChange(
      const ScrollableLayerGuid& aGuid, const APZStateChange& aChange,
      const int& aArg);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvNotifyFlushComplete();

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvNotifyAsyncScrollbarDragInitiated(
      const uint64_t& aDragBlockId, const ViewID& aScrollId,
      const ScrollDirection& aDirection);
  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvNotifyAsyncScrollbarDragRejected(
      const ViewID& aScrollId);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvNotifyAsyncAutoscrollRejected(
      const ViewID& aScrollId);

  mozilla::ipc::IPCResult RecvDestroy();

  RefPtr<GeckoContentController> mController;

}  // namespace layers

}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_layers_APZChild_h