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bug 713792 - stop QueryInterface()ing to nsIAccessible image internally r=tbsaunde

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#ifndef _nsHTMLImageAccessible_H_
#define _nsHTMLImageAccessible_H_

#include "nsBaseWidgetAccessible.h"
#include "nsIAccessibleImage.h"

/* Accessible for supporting images
 * supports:
 * - gets name, role
 * - support basic state
class nsHTMLImageAccessible : public nsLinkableAccessible,
                              public nsIAccessibleImage
  nsHTMLImageAccessible(nsIContent *aContent, nsIWeakReference *aShell);

  // nsISupports

  // nsIAccessible
  NS_IMETHOD GetActionName(PRUint8 aIndex, nsAString& aName);
  NS_IMETHOD DoAction(PRUint8 index);

  // nsIAccessibleImage

  // nsAccessible
  virtual nsresult GetNameInternal(nsAString& aName);
  virtual PRUint32 NativeRole();
  virtual PRUint64 NativeState();
  virtual nsresult GetAttributesInternal(nsIPersistentProperties *aAttributes);

  // ActionAccessible
  virtual PRUint8 ActionCount();

   * Determine if this image accessible has a longdesc attribute.
   * @returns  true if the longdesc attribute is present.
  bool HasLongDesc();
   * Used by GetActionName and DoAction to ensure the index for opening the
   * longdesc URL is valid.
   * It is always assumed that the highest possible index opens the longdesc.
   * @param aIndex  The 0-based index to be tested.
   * @returns  true if index is valid for longdesc action.
  bool IsValidLongDescIndex(PRUint8 aIndex);

// nsAccessible downcasting method
inline nsHTMLImageAccessible*
  return IsImageAccessible() ?
    static_cast<nsHTMLImageAccessible*>(this) : nsnull;