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Bug 1339331 TextEventDispatcher should replace \r in composition string with \n and TextComposition should allow to input \n with composition events r=m_kato According to ATOK's behavior, IME may send different line breaker from its platform's standard. Therefore, we should treat \r as \n too. Additionally, currently, TextComposition doesn't allow to input \n with composition. However, this was added for preventing to see odd control characters as boxes with code point. Therefore, we should allow \n for IMEs. (It was allowed, this limitation is unexpected when I reviewed the patch to reject control characters in TextComposition.) MozReview-Commit-ID: DzGSMgp89Av

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/* Simple class for computing SHA1. */

#ifndef mozilla_SHA1_h
#define mozilla_SHA1_h

#include "mozilla/Types.h"

#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>

namespace mozilla {

 * This class computes the SHA1 hash of a byte sequence, or of the concatenation
 * of multiple sequences.  For example, computing the SHA1 of two sequences of
 * bytes could be done as follows:
 *   void SHA1(const uint8_t* buf1, uint32_t size1,
 *             const uint8_t* buf2, uint32_t size2,
 *             SHA1Sum::Hash& hash)
 *   {
 *     SHA1Sum s;
 *     s.update(buf1, size1);
 *     s.update(buf2, size2);
 *     s.finish(hash);
 *   }
 * The finish method may only be called once and cannot be followed by calls
 * to update.
class SHA1Sum
    uint32_t mW[16]; /* input buffer */
    uint8_t mB[64];
  } mU;
  uint64_t mSize; /* count of hashed bytes. */
  unsigned mH[22]; /* 5 state variables, 16 tmp values, 1 extra */
  bool mDone;


  static const size_t kHashSize = 20;
  typedef uint8_t Hash[kHashSize];

  /* Add len bytes of dataIn to the data sequence being hashed. */
  MFBT_API void update(const void* aData, uint32_t aLength);

  /* Compute the final hash of all data into hashOut. */
  MFBT_API void finish(SHA1Sum::Hash& aHashOut);

} /* namespace mozilla */

#endif /* mozilla_SHA1_h */