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Bug 1368046 - Part 2: Propagate OriginAttributes across processes for RecvCreateWindowInDifferentProcess, r=smaug MozReview-Commit-ID: 8ok4DI9zgfR

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface mozIDOMWindowProxy;
interface nsIDOMWindow;
interface nsIURI;
interface nsIFrameLoaderOwner;

[scriptable, uuid(e774db14-79ac-4156-a7a3-aa3fd0a22c10)]
interface nsIOpenURIInFrameParams : nsISupports
  attribute DOMString referrer;
  readonly attribute boolean isPrivate;

  readonly attribute jsval openerOriginAttributes;

[scriptable, uuid(9d17f3dd-672b-451e-afd2-b1115df780d5)]

 * The C++ source has access to the browser script source through
 * nsIBrowserDOMWindow. It is intended to be attached to the chrome DOMWindow
 * of a toplevel browser window (a XUL window). A DOMWindow that does not
 * happen to be a browser chrome window will simply have no access to any such
 * interface.
interface nsIBrowserDOMWindow : nsISupports
   * Values for openURI's aWhere parameter.
   * Do whatever the default is based on application state, user preferences,
   * and the value of the aContext parameter to openURI.
  const short OPEN_DEFAULTWINDOW = 0;
   * Open in the "current window".  If aOpener is provided, this should be the
   * top window in aOpener's window hierarchy, but exact behavior is
   * application-dependent.  If aOpener is not provided, it's up to the
   * application to decide what constitutes a "current window".
  const short OPEN_CURRENTWINDOW = 1;
   * Open in a new window.
  const short OPEN_NEWWINDOW     = 2;
   * Open in a new content tab in the toplevel browser window corresponding to
   * this nsIBrowserDOMWindow.
  const short OPEN_NEWTAB        = 3;
   * Open in an existing content tab based on the URI. If a match can't be
   * found, revert to OPEN_NEWTAB behavior.
  const short OPEN_SWITCHTAB     = 4;

   * Values for openURI's aFlags parameter. This is a bitflags field.
   * The 0x1 bit decides the behavior of OPEN_DEFAULTWINDOW, and the 0x4 bit
   * controls whether or not to set the window.opener property on the newly
   * opened window.
   * NOTE: The 0x2 bit is ignored for backwards compatibility with addons, as
   * OPEN_NEW used to have the value 2. The values 0 and 2 are treated
   * the same way internally.
   * internal open new window
  const long OPEN_NEW           = 0x0;
   * external link (load request from another application, xremote, etc).
  const long OPEN_EXTERNAL      = 0x1;

   * Don't set the window.opener property on the window which is being opened
  const long OPEN_NO_OPENER     = 0x4;

   * Load a URI

   * @param aURI the URI to open. null is allowed.  If null is passed in, no
   *             load will be done, though the window the load would have
   *             happened in will be returned.
   * @param aWhere see possible values described above.
   * @param aOpener window requesting the open (can be null).
   * @param aFlags flags which control the behavior of the load. The
   *               OPEN_EXTERNAL/OPEN_NEW flag is only used when
   *               aWhere == OPEN_DEFAULTWINDOW.
   * @return the window into which the URI was opened.
  openURI(in nsIURI aURI, in mozIDOMWindowProxy aOpener,
          in short aWhere, in long aFlags);

   * As above, but return the nsIFrameLoaderOwner for the new window.
   * Additional Parameters:
   * @param aNextTabParentId The TabParent to associate the window with
   * @param aName The name to give the window opened in the new tab.
   * @return The nsIFrameLoaderOwner for the newly opened window.
   // XXXbz is this the right API?
   // See bug 537428
  nsIFrameLoaderOwner openURIInFrame(in nsIURI aURI, in nsIOpenURIInFrameParams params,
                                     in short aWhere, in long aFlags,
                                     in unsigned long long aNextTabParentId,
                                     in AString aName);

   * @param  aWindow the window to test.
   * @return whether the window is the main content window for any
   *         currently open tab in this toplevel browser window.
  boolean isTabContentWindow(in nsIDOMWindow aWindow);

   * This function is responsible for calling
   * nsIContentViewer::PermitUnload on each frame in the window. It
   * returns true if closing the window is allowed. See canClose() in
   * BrowserUtils.jsm for a simple implementation of this method.
  boolean canClose();