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Bug 938686 - Refactor Opus header parsing so it can be reused. r=kinetik We want to be able to use the same header parser for both the WebM and Ogg readers.

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#if !defined(OpusParser_h_)
#define OpusParser_h_

#include <stdint.h>

#include <opus/opus.h>
#include "opus/opus_multistream.h"

namespace mozilla {

class OpusParser

  bool DecodeHeader(unsigned char* aData, size_t aLength);
  bool DecodeTags(unsigned char* aData, size_t aLength);

  // Various fields from the Ogg Opus header.
  int mRate;        // Sample rate the decoder uses (always 48 kHz).
  uint32_t mNominalRate; // Original sample rate of the data (informational).
  int mChannels;    // Number of channels the stream encodes.
  uint16_t mPreSkip; // Number of samples to strip after decoder reset.
  float mGain;      // Gain to apply to decoder output.
  int32_t mGain_Q16; // Gain to apply to the decoder output.
  int mChannelMapping; // Channel mapping family.
  int mStreams;     // Number of packed streams in each packet.
  int mCoupledStreams; // Number of packed coupled streams in each packet.
  unsigned char mMappingTable[255]; // Channel mapping table.

  // Granule position (end sample) of the last decoded Opus packet. This is
  // used to calculate the amount we should trim from the last packet.
  int64_t mPrevPacketGranulepos;

  nsTArray<nsCString> mTags; // Unparsed comment strings from the header.

  nsCString mVendorString;   // Encoder vendor string from the header.


} // namespace mozilla