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SipHash implementation for Rust

SipHash was recently removed from rust-core.

This crate brings `SipHasher`, `SipHasher13` and `SipHash24` back.
It is based on the original implementation from rust-core and exposes the
same API.

In addition, it can return 128-bit tags.

The `sip` module implements the standard 64-bit mode, whereas the `sip128`
module implements the experimental 128-bit mode.

In `Cargo.toml`:

siphasher = "~0.1"

64-bit mode:
extern crate siphasher;

use siphasher::sip::{SipHasher, SipHasher13, SipHasher24};

128-bit mode:
use siphasher::sip128::{Hasher128, Siphasher, SipHasher13, SipHasher24};

[API documentation](