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Bug 1288193 - Ensure that the content process receives the presentation status of a VRDisplay immediately after adding or removing layers r=gw280 - Corrects issues with the onvrdisplaypresentationchange events being delayed by up to 5 seconds. - Caused a delay to enter or exit WebVR presentation on many sites. MozReview-Commit-ID: 2LACZNwKIxW


set -xe

source $(dirname $0)/sm-tooltool-config.sh

mkdir -p $UPLOAD_DIR

# Package up the sources into the release tarball.
AUTOMATION=1 DIST=$UPLOAD_DIR $SRCDIR/js/src/make-source-package.sh

# Extract the tarball into a new directory in the workspace.

mkdir -p $PACKAGE_DIR

tar -xjvf $UPLOAD_DIR/mozjs-*.tar.bz2

: ${PYTHON:=python2.7}

# Build the freshly extracted, packaged SpiderMonkey.
pushd ./mozjs-*/js/src
AUTOMATION=1 $PYTHON ./devtools/automation/autospider.py --skip-tests=checks $SPIDERMONKEY_VARIANT

# Copy artifacts for upload by TaskCluster
cp -rL ./mozjs-*/obj-spider/dist/bin/{js,jsapi-tests,js-gdb.py,libmozjs*} $UPLOAD_DIR