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Bug 1560651 - Correctly set time clamping/jittering for Workers. r=baku, a=RyanVM Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D35629

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

@depends(check_build_environment, prepare_configure_options, prepare_mozconfig,
         old_configure, old_configure_assignments, '--cache-file')
@imports(_from='__main__', _import='config_status')
@imports(_from='__builtin__', _import='OSError')
@imports(_from='__builtin__', _import='open')
@imports(_from='__builtin__', _import='object')
@imports(_from='mozbuild.configure', _import='ConfigureSandbox')
@imports(_from='mozbuild.configure.util', _import='ConfigureOutputHandler')
@imports(_from='mozbuild.util', _import='encode')
def js_subconfigure(build_env, prepare_configure_options, mozconfig,
                    old_configure, old_configure_assignments, cache_file):

    class PrefixOutput(object):
        def __init__(self, prefix, fh):
            self._fh = fh
            self._begin_line = True
            self._prefix = prefix

        def write(self, content):
            if self._begin_line:
            self._fh.write(('\n' + self._prefix).join(content.splitlines()))
            self._begin_line = content.endswith('\n')
            if self._begin_line:

        def flush(self):

    logger = logging.getLogger('moz.configure')
    formatter = logging.Formatter('js/src> %(levelname)s: %(message)s')
    for handler in logger.handlers:
        if isinstance(handler, ConfigureOutputHandler):
            handler._stdout = PrefixOutput('js/src> ', handler._stdout)

    substs = dict(old_configure['substs'])
    assignments = dict(old_configure_assignments)
    environ = dict(os.environ)
    if prepare_configure_options.extra_env:

    options = [
        o for o in prepare_configure_options.options
        # --with-system-nspr will have been converted into the relevant $NSPR_CFLAGS
        # and $NSPR_LIBS.
        if not o.startswith('--with-system-nspr')

    if not substs.get('ENABLE_INTL_API'):

    if substs.get('NSPR_CFLAGS') or substs.get('NSPR_LIBS'):
            '--with-nspr-cflags=%s' % ' '.join(substs.get('NSPR_CFLAGS', [])))
            '--with-nspr-libs=%s' % ' '.join(substs.get('NSPR_LIBS', [])))

    options.append('--prefix=%s/dist' % build_env.topobjdir)

    if substs.get('ZLIB_IN_MOZGLUE'):
        substs['MOZ_ZLIB_LIBS'] = ''

    environ['MOZILLA_CENTRAL_PATH'] = build_env.topsrcdir
    if 'MOZ_BUILD_APP' in environ:
        del environ['MOZ_BUILD_APP']

    # Here, we mimic what we used to do from old-configure, which makes this
    # all awkward.

    # The following variables were saved at the beginning of old-configure,
    # and restored before invoking the subconfigure. Which means their value
    # should be taken from the old_configure_assignments or mozconfig.
    from_assignment = set(

    # Variables that were explicitly exported from old-configure, and those
    # explicitly set in the environment when invoking old-configure, were
    # automatically inherited from subconfigure. We assume the relevant ones
    # have a corresponding AC_SUBST in old-configure, making them available
    # in `substs`.
    for var in itertools.chain((
        'AR', 'CPP', 'CC', 'CXX', 'CPPFLAGS', 'CFLAGS', 'CXXFLAGS',
    ), prepare_configure_options.extra_env):
        if var not in from_assignment and var in substs:
            value = substs[var]
        elif var in assignments:
            value = assignments[var]
        elif mozconfig and var in mozconfig and \
                not mozconfig[var][1].startswith('removed'):
            value = mozconfig[var][0]
        if isinstance(value, list):
            value = ' '.join(value)
        environ[var] = value


    srcdir = os.path.join(build_env.topsrcdir, 'js', 'src')
    objdir = os.path.join(build_env.topobjdir, 'js', 'src')

    data_file = os.path.join(objdir, 'configure.pkl')
    previous_args = None
    if os.path.exists(data_file):
        with open(data_file, 'rb') as f:
            previous_args = pickle.load(f)

    cache_file = cache_file or './config.cache'
    cache_file = os.path.join(build_env.topobjdir, cache_file)

    except OSError as e:
        if e.errno != errno.EEXIST:

    with open(data_file, 'wb') as f:
        pickle.dump(options, f)

    # Only run configure if one of the following is true:
    # - config.status doesn't exist
    # - config.status is older than an input to configure
    # - the configure arguments changed
    configure = os.path.join(srcdir, 'old-configure')
    config_status_path = os.path.join(objdir, 'config.status')
    skip_configure = True
    if not os.path.exists(config_status_path):
        skip_configure = False
        config_status_deps = os.path.join(objdir, 'config_status_deps.in')
        if not os.path.exists(config_status_deps):
            skip_configure = False
            with open(config_status_deps, 'r') as fh:
                dep_files = fh.read().splitlines() + [configure]
            if (any(not os.path.exists(f) or
                    (os.path.getmtime(config_status_path) < os.path.getmtime(f))
                    for f in dep_files) or
                ((previous_args or options) != options)):
                skip_configure = False

    ret = 0
    if not skip_configure:
        oldpwd = os.getcwd()
        command = [
            os.path.join(build_env.topsrcdir, 'configure.py'),
        environ['OLD_CONFIGURE'] = os.path.join(
            os.path.dirname(configure), 'old-configure')
        command += options
        command += ['--cache-file=%s' % cache_file]

        log.info('running %s' % ' '.join(command[:-1]))
        config = {}
        sandbox = ConfigureSandbox(config, environ, command, logger=logger)
        sandbox.run(os.path.join(build_env.topsrcdir, 'moz.configure'))
        ret = config_status(config)

    # Restore unprefixed logging.
    formatter = logging.Formatter('%(levelname)s: %(message)s')
    for handler in logger.handlers:
        if isinstance(handler, ConfigureOutputHandler):
            handler._stdout = handler._stdout._fh

    return ret