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Bug 1514104 - Remove vpx_mem_set_functions support. r=jya vpx_mem_set_functions support is only enabled when MOZ_VPX_NO_MEM_REPORTING is not set. It is currently set unconditionally when building with the in-tree libvpx. When building with system libvpx, it is set when the vpx_mem_set_functions can't be found in the system libvpx library. Upstream removed the vpx_mem_set_functions function in version 1.5, and we require at least that version, meaning, in practice, MOZ_VPX_NO_MEM_REPORTING is now always set. We might as well remove the define and the code that's conditional to not being defined. Differential Revision:

#! gmake
# Creates man pages for the NSS security tools
# pk12util, certutil, modutil, ssltap, 
# signtool, signver, cmsutil, crlutil,  
# derdump, pp, vfychain, vfyserv

.SUFFIXES: .html .txt .1 .xml

COMPILE.1 = xmlto -o nroff man
COMPILE.html = xmlto -o html html

# the name of the tar ball
name = nss-man
date = `date +"%Y%m%d"`

all: prepare all-man all-html

prepare: date-and-version
	mkdir -p html
	mkdir -p nroff
	rm -f date.xml version.xml *.tar.bz2
	rm -f html/*.proc
	rm -fr $(name) ascii

date-and-version: date.xml version.xml

	date +"%e %B %Y" | tr -d '\n' > $@

	echo -n ${VERSION} > $@


# manpages

nroff/%.1 : %.xml
	$(COMPILE.1) $<
nroff/certutil.1 nroff/cmsutil.1 nroff/crlutil.1 nroff/pk12util.1 \
nroff/modutil.1 nroff/ssltap.1 nroff/derdump.1 nroff/signtool.1 nroff/signver.1 \
nroff/pp.1 nroff/vfychain.1 nroff/vfyserv.1

all-man: prepare $(MANPAGES)

# html pages

html/%.html : %.xml
	$(COMPILE.html) $<
	mv html/index.html $@

html/certutil.html html/cmsutil.html html/crlutil.html html/pk12util.html html/modutil.html \
html/ssltap.html html/derdump.html html/signtool.html html/signver.html html/pp.html \
html/vfychain.html html/vfyserv.html

all-html: prepare $(HTMLPAGES)