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Bug 1419638 - Allow to pass arguments to docker when building docker-images. r=dustin Ideally, we'd simply use the --build-arg docker argument along with ARG in the Dockerfile, but that's only supported from Docker API 1.21, and we're stuck on 1.18 for the moment. So we add another hack to how we handle the Dockerfile, by adding a commented syntax that allows to declare arguments to the Dockerfile. The arguments can be defined in the docker images kind.yml file through the `args` keyword. Under the hood, they are passed down to the docker image task through the environment. The mach taskcluster-build-image command then uses the corresponding values from the environment to generate a "preprocessed" Dockerfile for its context.

# This Makefile is used as a shim to aid people with muscle memory
# so that they can type "make".
# This file and all of its targets should not be used by anything important.

all: build

	./mach build

	./mach clobber

.PHONY: all build clean