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namespace mozilla {
  namespace image {

    struct BMPFILEHEADER {
      char signature[2]; // String "BM"
      PRUint32 filesize;
      PRInt32 reserved; // Zero
      PRUint32 dataoffset; // Offset to raster data

      PRUint32 bihsize;

// The length of the bitmap file header as defined in the BMP spec.
#define BFH_LENGTH 14 
// Internally we store the bitmap file header with an additional 4 bytes which
// is used to store the bitmap information header size.


#define OS2_BIH_LENGTH 12 // This is the real BIH size (as contained in the bihsize field of BMPFILEHEADER)
#define WIN_BIH_LENGTH 40 // This is the real BIH size (as contained in the bihsize field of BMPFILEHEADER)


    struct BMPINFOHEADER {
      PRInt32 width; // Uint16 in OS/2 BMPs
      PRInt32 height; // Uint16 in OS/2 BMPs
      PRUint16 planes; // =1
      PRUint16 bpp; // Bits per pixel.
      // The rest of the header is not available in OS/2 BMP Files
      PRUint32 compression; // 0=no compression 1=8bit RLE 2=4bit RLE
      PRUint32 image_size; // (compressed) image size. Can be 0 if compression==0
      PRUint32 xppm; // Pixels per meter, horizontal
      PRUint32 yppm; // Pixels per meter, vertical
      PRUint32 colors; // Used Colors
      PRUint32 important_colors; // Number of important colors. 0=all

    struct colorTable {
      PRUint8 red;
      PRUint8 green;
      PRUint8 blue;

    struct bitFields {
      PRUint32 red;
      PRUint32 green;
      PRUint32 blue;
      PRUint8 redLeftShift;
      PRUint8 redRightShift;
      PRUint8 greenLeftShift;
      PRUint8 greenRightShift;
      PRUint8 blueLeftShift;
      PRUint8 blueRightShift;

  } // namespace image
} // namespace mozilla

#define BITFIELD_LENGTH 12 // Length of the bitfields structure in the bmp file
#define USE_RGB

// BMPINFOHEADER.compression defines
#ifndef BI_RGB
#define BI_RGB 0
#ifndef BI_RLE8
#define BI_RLE8 1
#ifndef BI_RLE4
#define BI_RLE4 2
#define BI_BITFIELDS 3
// BI_ALPHABITFIELDS  means no compression and specifies alpha bits
// valid only for 32bpp and 16bpp

// RLE Escape codes
#define RLE_ESCAPE       0
#define RLE_ESCAPE_EOL   0
#define RLE_ESCAPE_EOF   1

/// enums for mState
enum ERLEState {
  eRLEStateNeedYDelta,    ///< mStateData will hold x delta
  eRLEStateAbsoluteMode,  ///< mStateData will hold count of existing data to read
  eRLEStateAbsoluteModePadded ///< As above, but another byte of data has to be read as padding