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#ifndef MODULE_H
#define MODULE_H

#include "nsIXPCScriptable.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace ctypes {

// Each internal CABI and CType class (representing ABI and type constants,
// respectively) has a unique identifier, stored in a reserved slot on the
// JSObject.
enum ABICode {
#define DEFINE_ABI(name) ABI_##name,
#define DEFINE_TYPE(name)
#include "types.h"

enum TypeCode {
#define DEFINE_ABI(name)
#define DEFINE_TYPE(name) TYPE_##name,
#include "types.h"

class Module : public nsIXPCScriptable


  // Creates the ctypes object and attaches it to the global object.
  bool Init(JSContext* aContext, JSObject* aGlobal);

  static ABICode GetABICode(JSContext* cx, jsval val);
  static TypeCode GetTypeCode(JSContext* cx, jsval val);