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Fri, 08 Jul 2016 08:43:17 +0900
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Bug 1283052 - Remove some of the magic around mozconfig detection. r=gps The mozconfig detection logic has bitten us on many occasions in the past. The following changes are made to tentatively improve the situation: - The API is modified such that autodetection of the mozconfig has to be a conscious decision made by the caller, and not triggered any time there is no mozconfig given, which could be a conscious decision of the opposite. - mozinfo.json now stores the actual mozconfig (or lack thereof) used during configure.


set -e

cd `dirname $0`


rm -rf src
git clone "$UPSTREAM_REPO" src
cd src
git checkout "$UPSTREAM_COMMIT"
git describe --long --abbrev=40 > VERSION
rm -rf .git .gitignore .gitattributes autom4te.cache .autom4te.cfg

cd ..
hg addremove -q src

echo "jemalloc has now been updated.  Don't forget to run hg commit!"