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Bug 525608 part 4. Change pseudo-element probing and resolution to not use EnumerateTagRules. r=dbaron

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/* Code to start and animate CSS transitions. */

#ifndef nsTransitionManager_h_
#define nsTransitionManager_h_

#include "prclist.h"
#include "nsCSSProperty.h"
#include "nsIStyleRuleProcessor.h"
#include "nsRefreshDriver.h"
#include "nsCSSPseudoElements.h"

class nsStyleContext;
class nsPresContext;
class nsCSSPropertySet;
struct nsTransition;
struct ElementTransitions;

 * Must be created only as a sub-object of an nsPresContext (since its
 * reference counting methods assume that).
class nsTransitionManager : public nsIStyleRuleProcessor,
                            public nsARefreshObserver {
  nsTransitionManager(nsPresContext *aPresContext);

   * StyleContextChanged 
   * To be called from nsFrameManager::ReResolveStyleContext when the
   * style of an element has changed, to initiate transitions from that
   * style change.
   * It may return a "cover rule" (see CoverTransitionStartStyleRule) to
   * cover up some of the changes for the duration of the restyling of
   * descendants.  If it does, this function will take care of causing
   * the necessary restyle afterwards, but the caller must restyle the
   * element *again* with the original sequence of rules plus the
   * returned cover rule as the most specific rule.
    StyleContextChanged(nsIContent *aElement,
                        nsStyleContext *aOldStyleContext,
                        nsStyleContext *aNewStyleContext);

  // nsISupports

  // nsIStyleRuleProcessor
  NS_IMETHOD RulesMatching(ElementRuleProcessorData* aData);
  NS_IMETHOD RulesMatching(PseudoElementRuleProcessorData* aData);
  NS_IMETHOD RulesMatching(PseudoRuleProcessorData* aData);
  NS_IMETHOD HasStateDependentStyle(StateRuleProcessorData* aData,
                                    nsReStyleHint* aResult);
  virtual nsReStyleHint
    HasAttributeDependentStyle(AttributeRuleProcessorData* aData);
  NS_IMETHOD MediumFeaturesChanged(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                                   PRBool* aRulesChanged);

  // nsARefreshObserver
  virtual void WillRefresh(mozilla::TimeStamp aTime);

  friend class ElementTransitions; // for TransitionsRemoved

  void ConsiderStartingTransition(nsCSSProperty aProperty,
                                  const nsTransition& aTransition,
                                  nsIContent *aElement,
                                  ElementTransitions *&aElementTransitions,
                                  nsStyleContext *aOldStyleContext,
                                  nsStyleContext *aNewStyleContext,
                                  PRBool *aStartedAny,
                                  nsCSSPropertySet *aWhichStarted);
  ElementTransitions* GetElementTransitions(nsIContent *aElement,
                                            nsCSSPseudoElements::Type aPseudoType,
                                            PRBool aCreateIfNeeded);
  void AddElementTransitions(ElementTransitions* aElementTransitions);
  void TransitionsRemoved();
  nsresult WalkTransitionRule(RuleProcessorData* aData,
			      nsCSSPseudoElements::Type aPseudoType);

  PRCList mElementTransitions;
  nsPresContext *mPresContext;

#endif /* !defined(nsTransitionManager_h_) */