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Bug 1299903. Force GDI Classic rendering for specific fonts with skia on windows. r=lsalzman

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */


#include <dwrite.h>
#include "ScaledFontBase.h"

struct ID2D1GeometrySink;

namespace mozilla {
namespace gfx {

class ScaledFontDWrite final : public ScaledFontBase
  ScaledFontDWrite(IDWriteFontFace *aFont, Float aSize)
    : ScaledFontBase(aSize)
    , mFont(nullptr)
    , mFontFamily(nullptr)
    , mFontFace(aFont)
    , mUseEmbeddedBitmap(false)
    , mForceGDIMode(false)

  ScaledFontDWrite(IDWriteFont* aFont, IDWriteFontFamily* aFontFamily,
                   IDWriteFontFace *aFontFace, Float aSize, bool aUseEmbeddedBitmap,
                   bool aForceGDIMode)
    : ScaledFontBase(aSize)
    , mFont(aFont)
    , mFontFamily(aFontFamily)
    , mFontFace(aFontFace)
    , mUseEmbeddedBitmap(aUseEmbeddedBitmap)
    , mForceGDIMode(aForceGDIMode)

  virtual FontType GetType() const { return FontType::DWRITE; }

  virtual already_AddRefed<Path> GetPathForGlyphs(const GlyphBuffer &aBuffer, const DrawTarget *aTarget);
  virtual void CopyGlyphsToBuilder(const GlyphBuffer &aBuffer, PathBuilder *aBuilder, BackendType aBackendType, const Matrix *aTransformHint);

  void CopyGlyphsToSink(const GlyphBuffer &aBuffer, ID2D1GeometrySink *aSink);

  virtual void GetGlyphDesignMetrics(const uint16_t* aGlyphIndices, uint32_t aNumGlyphs, GlyphMetrics* aGlyphMetrics);

  virtual bool GetFontFileData(FontFileDataOutput aDataCallback, void *aBaton);

  virtual AntialiasMode GetDefaultAAMode() override;

  bool UseEmbeddedBitmaps() { return mUseEmbeddedBitmap; }
  bool ForceGDIMode() { return mForceGDIMode; }

#ifdef USE_SKIA
  virtual SkTypeface* GetSkTypeface();
  bool GetFontDataFromSystemFonts(IDWriteFactory* aFactory);
  bool DefaultToArialFont(IDWriteFontCollection* aSystemFonts);

  // The font and font family are only used with Skia
  RefPtr<IDWriteFont> mFont;
  RefPtr<IDWriteFontFamily> mFontFamily;
  RefPtr<IDWriteFontFace> mFontFace;
  bool mUseEmbeddedBitmap;
  bool mForceGDIMode;

  cairo_font_face_t* GetCairoFontFace() override;

class GlyphRenderingOptionsDWrite : public GlyphRenderingOptions
  GlyphRenderingOptionsDWrite(IDWriteRenderingParams *aParams)
    : mParams(aParams)

  virtual FontType GetType() const { return FontType::DWRITE; }

  friend class DrawTargetD2D;
  friend class DrawTargetD2D1;

  RefPtr<IDWriteRenderingParams> mParams;