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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIKeyModule.idl"

interface nsIInputStream;

 * Stream cipher interface.  We're basically copying the interface from
 * nsICryptoHash interface.
[scriptable, uuid(1d507cd6-1630-4710-af1b-4012dbcc514c)]
interface nsIStreamCipher : nsISupports
     * Initialize a stream cipher.
     * @param aKey nsIKeyObject
    void init(in nsIKeyObject aKey);

     * Initialize a stream cipher with an initialization vector.
     * @param aKey nsIKeyObject
     * @param aIV the initialization vector
     * @param aIVLen the length of the initialization vector
    void initWithIV(in nsIKeyObject aKey,
                    [const, array, size_is(aIVLen)] in octet aIV,
                    in unsigned long aIVLen);

     * Update from an array of bytes.
    void update([const, array, size_is(aLen)] in octet aData, in unsigned long aLen);

     * Update from a stream.
    void updateFromStream(in nsIInputStream aStream, in long aLen);

     * A more script friendly method (not in nsICryptoHash interface).
    void updateFromString(in ACString aInput);

     * @param aASCII if true then the returned value is a base-64
     *        encoded string.  if false, then the returned value is
     *        binary data.
    ACString finish(in PRBool aASCII);

     * Discard aLen bytes of the keystream.
     * These days 1536 is considered a decent amount to drop to get
     * the key state warmed-up enough for secure usage.
    void discard(in long aLen);