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#include "nsISupports.idl"

// An opaque key object.
[scriptable, uuid(4b31f4ed-9424-4710-b946-79b7e33cf3a8)]
interface nsIKeyObject : nsISupports
  // Key types
  const short SYM_KEY = 1;
  const short PRIVATE_KEY = 2;
  const short PUBLIC_KEY = 3;

  // Algorithm types
  const short RC4 = 1;
  const short AES_CBC = 2;

  // aAlgorithm is an algorithm type
  // aKey is either a PK11SymKey, SECKEYPublicKey, or a SECKEYPrivateKey.
  // The nsIKeyObject will take ownership of the key and be responsible
  // for freeing the key memory when destroyed.
  [noscript] void initKey(in short aAlgorithm, in voidPtr aKey);

  // Return a pointer to the underlying key object
  [noscript] voidPtr getKeyObj();

  // Will return NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED if initKey hasn't been run
  short getType();

[scriptable, uuid(264eb54d-e20d-49a0-890c-1a5986ea81c4)]
interface nsIKeyObjectFactory : nsISupports
  nsIKeyObject lookupKeyByName(in ACString aName);

  nsIKeyObject unwrapKey(in short aAlgorithm,
                         [const, array, size_is(aWrappedKeyLen)] in octet aWrappedKey,
                         in unsigned long aWrappedKeyLen);

  // TODO: deriveKeyFrom*

  // This is not FIPS compliant and should not be used.
  nsIKeyObject keyFromString(in short aAlgorithm, in ACString aKey);