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Bug 1132301 - Part 5: Add unit tests for the Social Sharing feature of Loop. r=Standard8, a=lizzard

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interface Telephony : EventTarget {
   * There are multiple telephony services in multi-sim architecture. We use
   * |serviceId| to indicate the target telephony service. If not specified,
   * the implementation MUST use the default service.
   * Possible values of |serviceId| are 0 ~ (number of services - 1), which is
   * simply the index of a service. Get number of services by acquiring
   * |navigator.mozMobileConnections.length|.

   * Make a phone call or send the mmi code depending on the number provided.
   * TelephonyCall - for call setup
   * MMICall - for MMI code
  Promise<(TelephonyCall or MMICall)> dial(DOMString number, optional unsigned long serviceId);

  Promise<TelephonyCall> dialEmergency(DOMString number, optional unsigned long serviceId);

  * Send a series of DTMF tones.
  * @param tones
  *    DTMF chars.
  * @param pauseDuraton (ms) [optional]
  *    Time to wait before sending tones. Default value is 3000 ms.
  * @param toneDuration (ms) [optional]
  *    Duration of each tone. Default value is 70 ms.
  * @param serviceId [optional]
  *    Default value is as user setting dom.telephony.defaultServiceId.
  Promise<void> sendTones(DOMString tones, optional unsigned long pauseDuration = 3000, optional unsigned long toneDuration = 70, optional unsigned long serviceId);

  void startTone(DOMString tone, optional unsigned long serviceId);

  void stopTone(optional unsigned long serviceId);

  attribute boolean muted;

  attribute boolean speakerEnabled;

  readonly attribute (TelephonyCall or TelephonyCallGroup)? active;

  // A call is contained either in Telephony or in TelephonyCallGroup.
  readonly attribute CallsList calls;
  readonly attribute TelephonyCallGroup conferenceGroup;

  // Async notification that object initialization is done.
  readonly attribute Promise<void> ready;

  attribute EventHandler onincoming;
  attribute EventHandler oncallschanged;
  attribute EventHandler onremoteheld;
  attribute EventHandler onremoteresumed;