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Bug 1132301 - Part 5: Add unit tests for the Social Sharing feature of Loop. r=Standard8, a=lizzard

/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
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interface MutationRecord {
  readonly attribute DOMString type;
  // .target is not nullable per the spec, but in order to prevent crashes,
  // if there are GC/CC bugs in Gecko, we let the property to be null.
  readonly attribute Node? target;
  readonly attribute NodeList addedNodes;
  readonly attribute NodeList removedNodes;
  readonly attribute Node? previousSibling;
  readonly attribute Node? nextSibling;
  readonly attribute DOMString? attributeName;
  readonly attribute DOMString? attributeNamespace;
  readonly attribute DOMString? oldValue;
  readonly attribute sequence<AnimationPlayer> addedAnimations;
  readonly attribute sequence<AnimationPlayer> changedAnimations;
  readonly attribute sequence<AnimationPlayer> removedAnimations;

[Constructor(MutationCallback mutationCallback)]
interface MutationObserver {
  void observe(Node target, optional MutationObserverInit options);
  void disconnect();
  sequence<MutationRecord> takeRecords();

  sequence<MutationObservingInfo?> getObservingInfo();
  readonly attribute MutationCallback mutationCallback;

callback MutationCallback = void (sequence<MutationRecord> mutations, MutationObserver observer);

dictionary MutationObserverInit {
  boolean childList = false;
  boolean attributes;
  boolean characterData;
  boolean subtree = false;
  boolean attributeOldValue;
  boolean characterDataOldValue;
  // [ChromeOnly]
  boolean animations;
  sequence<DOMString> attributeFilter;

dictionary MutationObservingInfo : MutationObserverInit
  Node? observedNode = null;