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Bug 1132301 - Part 5: Add unit tests for the Social Sharing feature of Loop. r=Standard8, a=lizzard

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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callback SilentSmsCallback = void (optional MozSmsMessage message);

dictionary PaymentIccInfo {
  DOMString mcc;
  DOMString mnc;
  DOMString iccId;
  boolean dataPrimary;

interface PaymentProvider {
  readonly attribute DOMString? paymentServiceId;
  // We expose to the payment provider the information of all the SIMs
  // available in the device.
  [Cached, Pure] readonly attribute sequence<PaymentIccInfo>? iccInfo;

  void paymentSuccess(optional DOMString result);
  void paymentFailed(optional DOMString error);

  DOMRequest sendSilentSms(DOMString number, DOMString message);
  void observeSilentSms(DOMString number, SilentSmsCallback callback);
  void removeSilentSmsObserver(DOMString number, SilentSmsCallback callback);