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Bug 1132301 - Part 5: Add unit tests for the Social Sharing feature of Loop. r=Standard8, a=lizzard

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// MediaMetadata and MediaPlayStatus are used to keep data from Applications.
// Please see specification of AVRCP 1.3 for more details.
dictionary MediaMetaData
  // track title
  DOMString   title = "";
  // artist name
  DOMString   artist = "";
  // album name
  DOMString   album = "";
  // track number
  long long   mediaNumber = -1;
  // number of tracks in the album
  long long   totalMediaCount = -1;
  // playing time (ms)
  long long   duration = -1;

dictionary MediaPlayStatus
  // current track length (ms)
  long long   duration = -1;
  // playing time (ms)
  long long   position = -1;
  DOMString   playStatus = "";

interface BluetoothAdapter : EventTarget {
  readonly attribute BluetoothAdapterState  state;
  readonly attribute DOMString              address;
  readonly attribute DOMString              name;
  readonly attribute boolean                discoverable;
  readonly attribute boolean                discovering;

  readonly attribute BluetoothPairingListener pairingReqs;

  // Fired when attribute(s) of BluetoothAdapter changed
           attribute EventHandler   onattributechanged;

  // Fired when a remote device gets paired with the adapter
           attribute EventHandler   ondevicepaired;

  // Fired when a remote device gets unpaired from the adapter
           attribute EventHandler   ondeviceunpaired;

  // Fired when the pairing process aborted
           attribute EventHandler   onpairingaborted;

  // Fired when a2dp connection status changed
           attribute EventHandler   ona2dpstatuschanged;

  // Fired when handsfree connection status changed
           attribute EventHandler   onhfpstatuschanged;

  // Fired when sco connection status changed
           attribute EventHandler   onscostatuschanged;

  // Fired when remote devices query current media play status
           attribute EventHandler   onrequestmediaplaystatus;

   * Enable/Disable a local bluetooth adapter by asynchronus methods and return
   * its result through a Promise.
   * Several onattributechanged events would be triggered during processing the
   * request, and the last one indicates adapter.state becomes enabled/disabled.
  [NewObject, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  Promise<void> enable();
  [NewObject, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  Promise<void> disable();

  [NewObject, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  Promise<void> setName(DOMString name);
  Promise<void> setDiscoverable(boolean discoverable);

  Promise<BluetoothDiscoveryHandle> startDiscovery();
  Promise<void> stopDiscovery();

  Promise<void> pair(DOMString deviceAddress);
  Promise<void> unpair(DOMString deviceAddress);

  sequence<BluetoothDevice> getPairedDevices();

  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest getConnectedDevices(unsigned short serviceUuid);

   * Connect/Disconnect to a specific service of a target remote device.
   * To check the value of service UUIDs, please check "Bluetooth Assigned
   * Numbers" / "Service Discovery Protocol" for more information.
   * Note that service UUID is optional. If it isn't passed when calling
   * Connect, multiple profiles are tried sequentially based on the class of
   * device (CoD). If it isn't passed when calling Disconnect, all connected
   * profiles are going to be closed.
   * Reply success if the connection of any profile is successfully
   * established/released; reply error if we failed to connect/disconnect all
   * of the planned profiles.
   * @param device Remote device
   * @param profile 2-octets service UUID. This is optional.
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest connect(BluetoothDevice device, optional unsigned short serviceUuid);

  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest disconnect(BluetoothDevice device, optional unsigned short serviceUuid);

  // One device can only send one file at a time
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest sendFile(DOMString deviceAddress, Blob blob);
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest stopSendingFile(DOMString deviceAddress);
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest confirmReceivingFile(DOMString deviceAddress, boolean confirmation);

  // Connect/Disconnect SCO (audio) connection
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest connectSco();
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest disconnectSco();
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest isScoConnected();

   * Additional HFP methods to handle CDMA network.
   * In GSM network we observe call operations from RIL call state changes;
   * however in CDMA network RIL call states do not change under some call
   * operations, so we need these additional methods to be informed of these
   * operations from dialer.
   * For more information please refer to bug 912005 and 925638.
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest answerWaitingCall();
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest ignoreWaitingCall();
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest toggleCalls();

  // AVRCP 1.3 methods
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest sendMediaMetaData(optional MediaMetaData mediaMetaData);
  [NewObject, Throws, AvailableIn=CertifiedApps]
  DOMRequest sendMediaPlayStatus(optional MediaPlayStatus mediaPlayStatus);

enum BluetoothAdapterState

enum BluetoothAdapterAttribute