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Bug 940635 - Don't allow Int32 conversions of both LHS and RHS in comparisons when their types are not actually known, r=shu.

Directory Structure :

idl        - public .idl files
public     - public header file
src        - source directory of charset converter manager and utilities, and
             charset converters for ISO-8859-1, CP1252, MacRoman and UTF-8
tests      - tests program and application for charset converter 
tests/unit - xpcshell tests
tools      - tools to build the tables used by the converters
util       - utility functions used by the converters

The following directories contain different charset converters:

ucvcn    - Simplified Chinese charsets - GB2312, HZ, ISO-2022-CN, GBK, GB18030
ucvibm   - IBM charsets - CP850, 852, 855, 857, 862, 864, 869, 1125, 1131
ucvja    - Japanese charsets - Shift-JIS, ISO-2022-JP, EUC-JP
ucvko    - Korean charsets - ISO-2022-KR, EUC-KR, Johab
ucvlatin - Latin charsets and others - ISO-8859-x, CP1250-1258
                            CP866, 874, ARMSCII, ISO-IR-111, KOI8,
                            Mac charsets, T61, TIS620, TCVN, VISCII, VPS
                            UTF7, UTF16
ucvtw    - Traditional Chinese charsets Set 1 - Big5
ucvtw2   - Traditional Chinese charsets Set 2 - EUC-TW

Within the directories containing charset converters:

*.ut - tables used to convert to Unicode from a charset
*.uf - tables used to convert to a charset from Unicode

The following directories are obsolete and should not be used: