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#ifndef mozilla_plugins_MiniShmChild_h
#define mozilla_plugins_MiniShmChild_h

#include "MiniShmBase.h"

#include <string>

namespace mozilla {
namespace plugins {

 * This class provides a lightweight shared memory interface for a child
 * process in Win32.
 * This code assumes that there is a parent-child relationship between
 * processes, as it inherits handles from the parent process.
 * Note that this class is *not* an IPDL actor.
 * @see MiniShmParent
class MiniShmChild : public MiniShmBase
  virtual ~MiniShmChild();

   * Initialize shared memory on the child side.
   * @param aObserver A MiniShmObserver object to receive event notifications.
   * @param aCookie Cookie obtained from MiniShmParent::GetCookie
   * @param aTimeout Timeout in milliseconds.
   * @return nsresult error code
  Init(MiniShmObserver* aObserver, const std::wstring& aCookie,
       const DWORD aTimeout);

  virtual nsresult
  Send() override;

  OnEvent() override;

  HANDLE mParentEvent;
  HANDLE mParentGuard;
  HANDLE mChildEvent;
  HANDLE mChildGuard;
  HANDLE mFileMapping;
  HANDLE mRegWait;
  LPVOID mView;
  DWORD  mTimeout;


} // namespace plugins
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_plugins_MiniShmChild_h