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Bug 793126 - import ANGLE r1278 to get the fix for ANGLE bug 350, a WebGL crasher - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl

This is the ANGLE project, from

Current revision: r1267

== Applied local patches ==

In this order:

    rename debug.h to compilerdebug.h to avoid conflict in our makefiles

    rename one of the two Diagnostics.cpp to avoid conflict in our makefiles

    rename one of the two DirectiveHandler.cpp to avoid conflict in our makefiles

    see bug 724476

    see bug 724476

    see bug 676071

    see bug 680840. Probably not useful anymore now that we're on the new
    preprocessor, but it doesn't hurt to keep it around a bit longer.

    See bug 771406. Adds emulation for faceforward(float,float,float),
    which is needed to prevent crashing on Mac+Intel.

    Imports ANGLE r1278, which fixes ANGLE bug 350, a crasher.

In addition to these patches, the files are ours, they're not present in upsteam ANGLE.
Therefore, changes made to the files should not be stored in the local .patch files.

== How to update this ANGLE copy ==

1. Unapply patches
2. Apply diff with new ANGLE version
3. Reapply patches.
4. Check for changes in src/build_angle.gyp, update our files accordingly. Note that a single file may be recorded in more than one Makefile.

== Visual Studio Solution Files ==

Ignore these. We don't use them anymore. We use custom Makefiles.

== Generated parser code==

Don't bother about that anymore. The parser is now generated and included in the ANGLE svn repo.