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Bug 1362947 - Upgrade eslint-plugin-html to 2.0.3 to pick up --fix support. r=jaws MozReview-Commit-ID: 5fVG7akPnGM

<!DOCTYPE html>

<p>Hello World!</p>

<div id="complex-div">
  <div id="simple-div1">
    <p id="useless-para">The DOM is very useful! <em>#useless-para</em></p>
    <p id="useful-para">This example is <b id="bold">really</b> useful. <em>#useful-para</em></p>

  <div id="simple-div2">
    <p id="another">This is another node. You won't reach this in my test.</p>
    <p id="ahoy">Ahoy! How you doin' Capn'? <em>#ahoy</em></p>