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Bug 784841 - Part 20: Fixes to support building external projects; r=glandium This is extremely hacky. It will likely need many refinements as we figure out how we want external projects to be handled.

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// Android runs a fairly new Linux kernel, so signal info is there,
// but the C library doesn't have the structs defined.

// All NDK platform versions have asm/sigcontext.h for ARM
// Only NDK >= 6, platform >= 9 have asm/sigcontext.h for x86
// Only NDK >= 8, platform >= 9 have asm/sigcontext.h for MIPS
#if defined(__arm__) || defined(__thumb__) || ANDROID_VERSION >= 9
#include <asm/sigcontext.h>
#error use newer NDK or newer platform version (e.g. --with-android-version=9)

typedef uint32_t __sigset_t;
typedef struct sigcontext mcontext_t;
typedef struct ucontext {
  uint32_t uc_flags;
  struct ucontext* uc_link;
  stack_t uc_stack;
  mcontext_t uc_mcontext;
  __sigset_t uc_sigmask;
} ucontext_t;