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Bug 784841 - Part 20: Fixes to support building external projects; r=glandium This is extremely hacky. It will likely need many refinements as we figure out how we want external projects to be handled.

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#include "JSAObjectBuilder.h"

class JSCustomObject;
class JSCustomObjectBuilder;
struct JSContext;
class nsAString;

/* this is handy wrapper around JSAPI to make it more pleasant to use.
 * We collect the JSAPI errors and so that callers don't need to */
class JSObjectBuilder : public JSAObjectBuilder
  // We need to ensure that this object lives on the stack so that GC sees it properly
  explicit JSObjectBuilder(JSContext *aCx);
  ~JSObjectBuilder() {}

  void DefineProperty(JSCustomObject *aObject, const char *name, JSCustomObject *aValue);
  void DefineProperty(JSCustomObject *aObject, const char *name, JSCustomArray *aValue);
  void DefineProperty(JSCustomObject *aObject, const char *name, int value);
  void DefineProperty(JSCustomObject *aObject, const char *name, double value);
  void DefineProperty(JSCustomObject *aObject, const char *name, nsAString &value);
  void DefineProperty(JSCustomObject *aObject, const char *name, const char *value, size_t valueLength);
  void DefineProperty(JSCustomObject *aObject, const char *name, const char *value);
  void ArrayPush(JSCustomArray *aArray, int value);
  void ArrayPush(JSCustomArray *aArray, const char *value);
  void ArrayPush(JSCustomArray *aArray, JSCustomArray *aObject);
  void ArrayPush(JSCustomArray *aArray, JSCustomObject *aObject);
  JSCustomArray *CreateArray();
  JSCustomObject *CreateObject();

  JSObject* GetJSObject(JSCustomObject* aObject) { return (JSObject*)aObject; }

  JSObjectBuilder(const JSObjectBuilder&);
  JSObjectBuilder& operator=(const JSObjectBuilder&);

  void* operator new(size_t);
  void* operator new[](size_t);
  void operator delete(void*) {
    // Since JSObjectBuilder has a virtual destructor the compiler
    // has to provide a destructor in the object file that will call
    // operate delete in case there is a derived class since its
    // destructor wont know how to free this instance.
  void operator delete[](void*);

  JSContext *mCx;
  JSObject *mObj;
  int mOk;