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#include "nsDataHashtable.h"
#include "nsDebug.h"
#include "nsHashKeys.h"

 * Global hashmap to associate internal SVG data types (e.g. nsSVGLength2) with
 * DOM tear-off objects (e.g. nsIDOMSVGLength). This allows us to always return
 * the same object for subsequent requests for DOM objects.
 * We don't keep an owning reference to the tear-off objects so they are
 * responsible for removing themselves from this table when they die.
template<class SimpleType, class TearoffType>
class nsSVGAttrTearoffTable
    NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(mTable.Count() == 0,
        "Tear-off objects remain in hashtable at shutdown.");

  TearoffType* GetTearoff(SimpleType* aSimple);

  void AddTearoff(SimpleType* aSimple, TearoffType* aTearoff);

  void RemoveTearoff(SimpleType* aSimple);

  typedef nsPtrHashKey<SimpleType> SimpleTypePtrKey;
  typedef nsDataHashtable<SimpleTypePtrKey, TearoffType* > TearoffTable;

  TearoffTable mTable;

template<class SimpleType, class TearoffType>
nsSVGAttrTearoffTable<SimpleType, TearoffType>::GetTearoff(SimpleType* aSimple)
  if (!mTable.IsInitialized())
    return nsnull;

  TearoffType *tearoff = nsnull;

#ifdef DEBUG
  bool found =
    mTable.Get(aSimple, &tearoff);
  NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(!found || tearoff,
      "NULL pointer stored in attribute tear-off map");

  return tearoff;

template<class SimpleType, class TearoffType>
nsSVGAttrTearoffTable<SimpleType, TearoffType>::AddTearoff(SimpleType* aSimple,
                                                          TearoffType* aTearoff)
  if (!mTable.IsInitialized()) {

  // We shouldn't be adding a tear-off if there already is one. If that happens,
  // something is wrong.
  if (mTable.Get(aSimple, nsnull)) {
    NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(false, "There is already a tear-off for this object.");

#ifdef DEBUG
  bool result =
    mTable.Put(aSimple, aTearoff);
  NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(result, "Out of memory.");

template<class SimpleType, class TearoffType>
nsSVGAttrTearoffTable<SimpleType, TearoffType>::RemoveTearoff(
    SimpleType* aSimple)
  if (!mTable.IsInitialized()) {
    // Perhaps something happened in between creating the SimpleType object and
    // registering it