author James Lal <>
Wed, 26 Nov 2014 10:11:28 -0800
changeset 254434 5edda558c6555e518d3579f89854b556c453c66a
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Bug 1068653 - Part 1 Add python dependencies for taskcluster mach commands r=gps


In development branch:

* Figure out a way to suppress center alignment of images in reST output.
* Add a unit test for the change made in 7ea8e7180c41.  This is with regard
  to not requiring spec tests when running tests from a downloaded sdist.
* End support for Python 2.4.
* Add Python 3.3 to tox file (after deprecating 2.4).
* Turn the benchmarking script at pystache/tests/ into a command
  in pystache/commands, or make it a subcommand of one of the existing
  commands (i.e. using a command argument).
* Provide support for logging in at least one of the commands.
* Make sure command parsing to pystache-test doesn't break with Python 2.4 and earlier.
* Combine pystache-test with the main command.