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Bug 1495025 - P3. Store original IMFMediaType's subtype in D3D11SharedHandleImage. r=cpearce This allows more easily the creation of the MFT required to convert to a RGBA32 image when doing a readback. Depends on D7295 Differential Revision:

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#if !defined(DXVA2Manager_h_)
#define DXVA2Manager_h_

#include "MediaInfo.h"
#include "WMF.h"
#include "mozilla/Mutex.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/gfx/Rect.h"
#include "d3d11.h"

namespace mozilla {

namespace layers {
class Image;
class ImageContainer;
class KnowsCompositor;

class DXVA2Manager

  // Creates and initializes a DXVA2Manager. We can use DXVA2 via either
  // D3D9Ex or D3D11.
  static DXVA2Manager* CreateD3D9DXVA(
    layers::KnowsCompositor* aKnowsCompositor,
    nsACString& aFailureReason);
  static DXVA2Manager* CreateD3D11DXVA(
    layers::KnowsCompositor* aKnowsCompositor,
    nsACString& aFailureReason,
    ID3D11Device* aDevice = nullptr);

  // Returns a pointer to the D3D device manager responsible for managing the
  // device we're using for hardware accelerated video decoding. If we're using
  // D3D9Ex, this is an IDirect3DDeviceManager9. For D3D11 this is an
  // IMFDXGIDeviceManager. It is safe to call this on any thread.
  virtual IUnknown* GetDXVADeviceManager() = 0;

  // Creates an Image for the video frame stored in aVideoSample.
  virtual HRESULT CopyToImage(IMFSample* aVideoSample,
                              const gfx::IntRect& aRegion,
                              layers::Image** aOutImage) = 0;

  virtual HRESULT CopyToBGRATexture(ID3D11Texture2D* aInTexture,
                                    const GUID& aSubType,
                                    ID3D11Texture2D** aOutTexture)
    // Not implemented!
    MOZ_CRASH("CopyToBGRATexture not implemented on this manager.");
    return E_FAIL;

  virtual HRESULT ConfigureForSize(IMFMediaType* aInputType,
                                   uint32_t aWidth,
                                   uint32_t aHeight)
    return S_OK;

  virtual bool IsD3D11() { return false; }

  virtual ~DXVA2Manager();

  virtual bool SupportsConfig(IMFMediaType* aType, float aFramerate) = 0;

  static bool IsNV12Supported(uint32_t aVendorID,
                              uint32_t aDeviceID,
                              const nsAString& aDriverVersionString);

  Mutex mLock;

  bool IsUnsupportedResolution(const uint32_t& aWidth,
                               const uint32_t& aHeight,
                               const float& aFramerate) const;

  bool mIsAMDPreUVD4 = false;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // DXVA2Manager_h_