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Bug 1542178 - Fix ToResolvedValue implementation for caret-color, and serialize some color properties with Servo. r=heycam Differential Revision:

The Firefox remote agent is a low-level debugging interface based
on the CDP protocol.

With it, you can inspect the state and control execution of documents
running in web content, instrument Gecko in interesting ways,
simulate user interaction for automation purposes, and debug
JavaScript execution.

This component provides an experimental and partial implementation
of a remote devtools interface using the CDP protocol and transport

See for documentation.

The remote agent is not by default included in Firefox builds.  To
build it, put this in your mozconfig:

	ac_add_options --enable-cdp

This exposes a --remote-debugger flag you can use to start the
remote agent:

	% ./mach run --setpref "browser.fission.simulate=true" -- --remote-debugger