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Mon, 04 May 2015 07:15:00 +0200
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Bug 1160897 - Fixing .ycm_extra_conf for Fennec. r=ehsan Looks like ycmd fails to parse the file if the -march=arm* option is given Removing it doesn't solve all YCM problems for Fennec, but it allows us to use JumpToDefinition, GetType and semantic auto-completion.

#! /usr/bin/sed -nf

s/^#define  *FREETYPE_MAJOR  *\([^ ][^ ]*\).*$/freetype_major="\1" ;/p
s/^#define  *FREETYPE_MINOR  *\([^ ][^ ]*\).*$/freetype_minor=".\1" ;/p
s/^#define  *FREETYPE_PATCH  *\([^ ][^ ]*\).*$/freetype_patch=".\1" ;/p