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Bug 1514663 [wpt PR 14551] - [css-text] Correct test metadata, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests [css-text] Correct test metadata (#14551) The section title is out of date and unneeded. Deleting it. The link is broken. Fixing it. -- wpt-commits: eb97f99b6065746b50ce41d313908acd06dbe600 wpt-pr: 14551

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>CSS Text Test: overflow-wrap - break-word and white-space - nowrap</title>
<link rel="author" title="Intel" href="http://www.intel.com">
<link rel="author" title="Shiyou Tan" href="mailto:shiyoux.tan@intel.com">
<link rel="help" href="http://www.w3.org/TR/css-text-3/#overflow-wrap-property">
<link rel="help" href="http://www.w3.org/TR/css-text-3/#white-space">
<link rel="match" href="overflow-wrap-002-ref.html">
<meta name="flags" content="ahem">
<meta name="assert" content="Test checks that the 'overflow-wrap' property has effect if and only if the 'white-space' allows wrapping">
  #ref {
    border: 5px solid orange;
    font: 20px/1 Ahem;
    overflow-wrap: break-word;
    width: 200px;
  #test {
    border: 5px solid blue;
    font: 20px/1 Ahem;
    overflow-wrap: break-word;
    white-space: nowrap;
    width: 200px;
  <p class="instructions">Test passes if the black box overflows the blue border box, but fits within the orange border box.</p>
  <p id="ref">FillerTextFillerTextFillerTextFillerText</p>
  <p id="test">FillerTextFillerTextFillerTextFillerText</p>