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Bug 1425700 - Hook the use counters into StyleSheet parsing. r=heycam Still not hooked into telemetry, I talked with :janerik and :gfritzsche about that, but test incoming! This intentionally doesn't handle CSSOM and such for now, will file followups for those, though should be trivial. I want to unify / clean up how we do the use counters and the error reporting stuff for CSSOM, since the current function call still shows up in profiles, but that should be a follow-up. Differential Revision:

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/* a list of all Servo Arc types used in stylo bindings for preprocessing */

SERVO_ARC_TYPE(UseCounters, StyleUseCounters)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(CssRules, ServoCssRules)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(StyleSheetContents, RawServoStyleSheetContents)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(DeclarationBlock, RawServoDeclarationBlock)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(StyleRule, RawServoStyleRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(ImportRule, RawServoImportRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(AnimationValue, RawServoAnimationValue)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(Keyframe, RawServoKeyframe)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(KeyframesRule, RawServoKeyframesRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(MediaList, RawServoMediaList)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(MediaRule, RawServoMediaRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(NamespaceRule, RawServoNamespaceRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(PageRule, RawServoPageRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(SupportsRule, RawServoSupportsRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(DocumentRule, RawServoMozDocumentRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(FontFeatureValuesRule, RawServoFontFeatureValuesRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(RuleNode, RawServoRuleNode)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(FontFaceRule, RawServoFontFaceRule)
SERVO_ARC_TYPE(CounterStyleRule, RawServoCounterStyleRule)