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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * This interface is implemented by channels which support overriding the
 * privacy state of the channel.
 * This interface must be used only from the XPCOM main thread.
[scriptable, uuid(df702bb0-55b8-11e2-bcfd-0800200c9a66)]
interface nsIPrivateBrowsingChannel : nsISupports
     * Determine whether the channel is tied to a private browsing window.
     * This value can be set only before the channel is opened.  Setting it
     * after that does not have any effect.  This value overrides the privacy
     * state of the channel, which means that if you call this method, then
     * the loadGroup and load context will no longer be consulted when we
     * need to know the private mode status for a channel.
     * Note that this value is only meant to be used when the channel's privacy
     * status cannot be obtained from the loadGroup or load context (for
     * example, when the channel is not associated with any loadGroup or load
     * context.)  Setting this value directly should be avoided if possible.
     * Implementations must enforce the ordering semantics of this function by
     * raising errors if setPrivate is called on a channel which has a loadGroup
     * and/or callbacks that implement nsILoadContext, or if the loadGroup
     * or notificationCallbacks are set after setPrivate has been called.
     * @param aPrivate whether the channel should be opened in private mode.
    void setPrivate(in boolean aPrivate);

     * States whether the channel is in private browsing mode. This may either
     * happen because the channel is opened from a private mode context or
     * when the mode is explicitly set with ::setPrivate().
     * This attribute is equivalent to NS_UsePrivateBrowsing(), but scriptable.
    readonly attribute boolean isChannelPrivate;

     * This function is used to determine whether the channel's private mode
     * has been overridden by a call to setPrivate.  It is intended to be used
     * by NS_UsePrivateBrowsing(), and you should not call it directly.
     * @param aValue the overridden value.  This will only be set if the function
     *               returns true.
    [noscript] boolean isPrivateModeOverriden(out boolean aValue);