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Bug 944088 - Make MP4Reader::Init() assume mLayersBackendType=LAYERS_NONE if it doesn't have a decoder owner. r=kinetik This ensures that if the MP4Reader fails to get a decoder owner, we don't abort the media load, but instead we will assume that we don't have an advanced layers backend, and so fallback to software decoding on Windows.

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include "windows.h"
#include "wlanapi.h"

#include "stdlib.h"

#include "nsWifiMonitor.h"
#include "nsWifiAccessPoint.h"

#include "nsServiceManagerUtils.h"
#include "nsComponentManagerUtils.h"
#include "nsIMutableArray.h"

using namespace mozilla;

    HINSTANCE wlan_library = LoadLibrary("Wlanapi.dll");
    if (!wlan_library)

    WlanOpenHandleFunction WlanOpenHandle = (WlanOpenHandleFunction) GetProcAddress(wlan_library, "WlanOpenHandle");
    WlanEnumInterfacesFunction WlanEnumInterfaces = (WlanEnumInterfacesFunction) GetProcAddress(wlan_library, "WlanEnumInterfaces");
    WlanGetNetworkBssListFunction WlanGetNetworkBssList = (WlanGetNetworkBssListFunction) GetProcAddress(wlan_library, "WlanGetNetworkBssList");
    WlanFreeMemoryFunction WlanFreeMemory = (WlanFreeMemoryFunction) GetProcAddress(wlan_library, "WlanFreeMemory");
    WlanCloseHandleFunction WlanCloseHandle = (WlanCloseHandleFunction) GetProcAddress(wlan_library, "WlanCloseHandle");

    if (!WlanOpenHandle ||
        !WlanEnumInterfaces ||
        !WlanGetNetworkBssList ||
        !WlanFreeMemory ||
      return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

    // Regularly get the access point data.

    nsCOMArray<nsWifiAccessPoint> lastAccessPoints;
    nsCOMArray<nsWifiAccessPoint> accessPoints;

    do {

      // Get the handle to the WLAN API.
      DWORD negotiated_version;
      HANDLE wlan_handle = nullptr;
      // We could be executing on either Windows XP or Windows Vista, so use the
      // lower version of the client WLAN API. It seems that the negotiated version
      // is the Vista version irrespective of what we pass!
      static const int kXpWlanClientVersion = 1;
      if ((*WlanOpenHandle)(kXpWlanClientVersion,
                            &wlan_handle) != ERROR_SUCCESS) {
        return NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE;

      // try again later.
      if (!wlan_handle)
        return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

      // Get the list of interfaces. WlanEnumInterfaces allocates interface_list.
      WLAN_INTERFACE_INFO_LIST *interface_list = nullptr;
      if ((*WlanEnumInterfaces)(wlan_handle, nullptr, &interface_list) != ERROR_SUCCESS) {
        // try again later
        (*WlanCloseHandle)(wlan_handle, nullptr);
        return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

      // Go through the list of interfaces and get the data for each.
      for (int i = 0; i < static_cast<int>(interface_list->dwNumberOfItems); ++i) {

        WLAN_BSS_LIST *bss_list;
        HRESULT rv = (*WlanGetNetworkBssList)(wlan_handle,
                                              nullptr,  // Use all SSIDs.
                                              false,    // bSecurityEnabled - unused
                                              nullptr,  // reserved
        if (rv != ERROR_SUCCESS) {

        for (int j = 0; j < static_cast<int>(bss_list->dwNumberOfItems); ++j) {

          nsWifiAccessPoint* ap = new nsWifiAccessPoint();
          if (!ap)

          const WLAN_BSS_ENTRY bss_entry = bss_list->wlanBssEntries[j];

          ap->setSSID((char*) bss_entry.dot11Ssid.ucSSID,


      // Free interface_list.

      // Close the handle.
      (*WlanCloseHandle)(wlan_handle, nullptr);

      bool accessPointsChanged = !AccessPointsEqual(accessPoints, lastAccessPoints);
      ReplaceArray(lastAccessPoints, accessPoints);

      nsresult rv = CallWifiListeners(lastAccessPoints, accessPointsChanged);
      NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv);

      // wait for some reasonable amount of time.  pref?
      LOG(("waiting on monitor\n"));

      ReentrantMonitorAutoEnter mon(mReentrantMonitor);
    while (mKeepGoing);

    return NS_OK;