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Bug 944088 - Make MP4Reader::Init() assume mLayersBackendType=LAYERS_NONE if it doesn't have a decoder owner. r=kinetik This ensures that if the MP4Reader fails to get a decoder owner, we don't abort the media load, but instead we will assume that we don't have an advanced layers backend, and so fallback to software decoding on Windows.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIWifiListener;

[scriptable, uuid(F289701E-D9AF-4685-BC2F-E4226FF7C018)]
interface nsIWifiMonitor : nsISupports

   * startWatching
   * aListener will be called once, then each time the list of wifi access points change.
  void startWatching(in nsIWifiListener aListener);

   * stopWatching
   * cancels all notifications to the |aListener|.
  void stopWatching(in nsIWifiListener aListener);