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Bug 709519 - Remove unused 1-argument nsRenderingContext::DrawEllipse; r=joe a=ehsan

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#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsDeviceContext.h"
#include "nsFontMetrics.h"
#include "nsColor.h"
#include "nsCoord.h"
#include "gfxContext.h"

struct nsPoint;
class nsIntRegion;

typedef enum {
    nsLineStyle_kNone   = 0,
    nsLineStyle_kSolid  = 1,
    nsLineStyle_kDashed = 2,
    nsLineStyle_kDotted = 3
} nsLineStyle;

class nsRenderingContext
    nsRenderingContext() : mP2A(0.) {}
    // ~nsRenderingContext() {}


    void Init(nsDeviceContext* aContext, gfxASurface* aThebesSurface);
    void Init(nsDeviceContext* aContext, gfxContext* aThebesContext);

    // These accessors will never return null.
    gfxContext *ThebesContext() { return mThebes; }
    nsDeviceContext *DeviceContext() { return mDeviceContext; }
    PRUint32 AppUnitsPerDevPixel() { return NSToIntRound(mP2A); }

    // Graphics state

    void PushState(void);
    void PopState(void);
    void IntersectClip(const nsRect& aRect);
    void SetClip(const nsIntRegion& aRegion);
    void SetLineStyle(nsLineStyle aLineStyle);
    void SetColor(nscolor aColor);
    void Translate(const nsPoint& aPt);
    void Scale(float aSx, float aSy);

    class AutoPushTranslation {
        nsRenderingContext* mCtx;
        AutoPushTranslation(nsRenderingContext* aCtx, const nsPoint& aPt)
            : mCtx(aCtx) {
        ~AutoPushTranslation() {

    // Shapes

    void DrawLine(const nsPoint& aStartPt, const nsPoint& aEndPt);
    void DrawLine(nscoord aX0, nscoord aY0, nscoord aX1, nscoord aY1);
    void DrawRect(const nsRect& aRect);
    void DrawRect(nscoord aX, nscoord aY, nscoord aWidth, nscoord aHeight);
    void DrawEllipse(nscoord aX, nscoord aY, nscoord aWidth, nscoord aHeight);

    void FillRect(const nsRect& aRect);
    void FillRect(nscoord aX, nscoord aY, nscoord aWidth, nscoord aHeight);
    void FillPolygon(const nsPoint aPoints[], PRInt32 aNumPoints);

    void FillEllipse(const nsRect& aRect);
    void FillEllipse(nscoord aX, nscoord aY, nscoord aWidth, nscoord aHeight);

    void InvertRect(const nsRect& aRect);

    // Text

    void SetFont(nsFontMetrics *aFontMetrics);
    nsFontMetrics *FontMetrics() { return mFontMetrics; } // may be null

    void SetTextRunRTL(bool aIsRTL);

    nscoord GetWidth(char aC);
    nscoord GetWidth(PRUnichar aC);
    nscoord GetWidth(const nsString& aString);
    nscoord GetWidth(const char* aString);
    nscoord GetWidth(const char* aString, PRUint32 aLength);
    nscoord GetWidth(const PRUnichar *aString, PRUint32 aLength);

    nsBoundingMetrics GetBoundingMetrics(const PRUnichar *aString,
                                         PRUint32 aLength);

    void DrawString(const nsString& aString, nscoord aX, nscoord aY);
    void DrawString(const char *aString, PRUint32 aLength,
                    nscoord aX, nscoord aY);
    void DrawString(const PRUnichar *aString, PRUint32 aLength,
                    nscoord aX, nscoord aY);

    PRInt32 GetMaxChunkLength();

    nsRefPtr<gfxContext> mThebes;
    nsRefPtr<nsDeviceContext> mDeviceContext;
    nsRefPtr<nsFontMetrics> mFontMetrics;

    double mP2A; // cached app units per device pixel value