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Rename nsIFrame::GetPresContext to nsIFrame::PresContext. Bug 376042, patch byTaras Glek <>, rs=roc.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * nsIAccessibleProvider interface is used to link element and accessible
   object. For that XBL binding of element should implement the interface.

[scriptable, uuid(18797ea7-44cc-469e-8923-bd5d1c144461)]
interface nsIAccessibleProvider : nsISupports
   * Constants set of common use.

  /** For elements that spawn a new document. For example now it is used by
    <xul:iframe>, <xul:browser> and <xul:editor>. */
  const long OuterDoc = 0x00000001;

   * Constants set is used by XUL controls.

  const long XULAlert = 0x00001001;
  const long XULButton = 0x00001002;
  const long XULCheckbox = 0x00001003;
  const long XULColorPicker = 0x00001004;
  const long XULColorPickerTile = 0x00001005;
  const long XULCombobox = 0x00001006;
  const long XULDropmarker = 0x00001007;
  const long XULGroupbox = 0x00001008;
  const long XULImage = 0x00001009;
  const long XULLink = 0x00001010;
  const long XULListbox = 0x00001011;
  const long XULListitem = 0x00001012;
  const long XULMenubar = 0x00001013;
  const long XULMenuitem = 0x00001014;
  const long XULMenupopup = 0x00001015;
  const long XULMenuSeparator = 0x00001016;
  const long XULProgressMeter = 0x00001017;
  const long XULStatusBar = 0x00001018;
  const long XULRadioButton = 0x00001019;
  const long XULRadioGroup = 0x00001020;

  /** The single tab in a dialog or tabbrowser/editor interface */
  const long XULTab = 0x00001021;

  /** A combination of a tabs object and a tabpanels object */
  const long XULTabBox = 0x00001022;

  /** The display area for a dialog or tabbrowser interface */
  const long XULTabPanels = 0x00001023;

  /** The collection of tab objects, useable in the TabBox and independant of
   as well */
  const long XULTabs = 0x00001024;

  const long XULText = 0x00001025;
  const long XULTextBox = 0x00001026;
  const long XULTree = 0x00001027;
  const long XULTreeColumns = 0x00001028;
  const long XULTreeColumnitem = 0x00001029;
  const long XULToolbar = 0x00001030;
  const long XULToolbarSeparator = 0x00001031;
  const long XULTooltip = 0x00001032;

   * Constants set is used by XForms elements.

  /** Used for xforms elements that provide accessible object for itself as
   * well for anonymous content. This property are used for upload,
   * input[type="xsd:gDay"] and input[type="xsd:gMonth"] */
  const long XFormsContainer = 0x00002000;

  /** Used for label element */
  const long XFormsLabel = 0x00002001;
  /** Used for output element */
  const long XFormsOuput = 0x00002002;
  /** Used for trigger and submit elements */
  const long XFormsTrigger = 0x00002003;
  /** Used for input and textarea elements */
  const long XFormsInput = 0x00002004;
  /** Used for input[xsd:boolean] element */
  const long XFormsInputBoolean = 0x00002005;
  /** Used for input[xsd:date] element */
  const long XFormsInputDate = 0x00002006;
  /** Used for secret element */
  const long XFormsSecret = 0x00002007;
  /** Used for range element represented by slider */
  const long XFormsSliderRange = 0x00002008;

  /** Used for select and select1 that are implemented using host document's
   * native widget. For example, a select1 in a xhtml document may be
   * represented by the native html control html:select */
  const long XFormsSelect = 0x00002009;
  /** Used for xforms choices element */
  const long XFormsChoices = 0x00002010;
  /** Used for xforms full select/select1 elements that may be represented by
   * group of checkboxes and radiogroup */
  const long XFormsSelectFull = 0x00002011;
  /** Used for xforms item element that is used inside xforms select elements
   * represented by group of checkboxes */
  const long XFormsItemCheckgroup = 0x00002012;
  /** Used for xforms item element that is used inside xforms select1 elements
   * represented by radio group */
  const long XFormsItemRadiogroup = 0x00002013;
  /** Used for xforms select1 element that is represented by combobox */
  const long XFormsSelectCombobox = 0x00002014;
  /** Used for xforms item element that is used inside xforms select1
   * elements represented by combobox */
  const long XFormsItemCombobox = 0x00002015;

  /** Used for dropmarker widget that is used by xforms elements */
  const long XFormsDropmarkerWidget = 0x00002101;
  /** Used for calendar widget that is used by xforms elements */
  const long XFormsCalendarWidget = 0x00002102;
  /** Used for popup widget that is used by xforms minimal select1 elements */
  const long XFormsComboboxPopupWidget = 0x00002103;

   * Return one of constants declared above.
  readonly attribute long accessibleType;