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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIArray.idl"

[noscript, uuid(70406f93-5b53-49a0-b5a7-ebf533bfe59b)]
interface nsIFontCatalogEntry : nsISupports
  const short FONT_CATALOG_TRUETYPE = 1;

  readonly attribute unsigned short fontCatalogType;

[noscript, uuid(11f3efad-316e-4982-b9cf-9c304b0d5237)]
interface nsITrueTypeFontCatalogEntry : nsIFontCatalogEntry
  readonly attribute ACString        fileName;
  readonly attribute ACString        familyName;
  readonly attribute ACString        styleName;
  readonly attribute ACString        vendorID;
  readonly attribute short           faceIndex;
  readonly attribute short           numFaces;
  readonly attribute short           numEmbeddedBitmaps;
  readonly attribute long            numGlyphs;
  readonly attribute long            numUsableGlyphs;
  readonly attribute unsigned short  weight;
  readonly attribute unsigned short  width;
  readonly attribute unsigned long   flags;
  readonly attribute long long       faceFlags;
  readonly attribute long long       styleFlags;
  readonly attribute unsigned long   codePageRange1;
  readonly attribute unsigned long   codePageRange2;
  readonly attribute long long       fileModTime;

  void getCCMap(out unsigned long size,
                [retval, array, size_is(size)] out unsigned short ccMaps);

  void getEmbeddedBitmapHeights(out unsigned long size,
                [retval, array, size_is(size)] out long heights);

[noscript, uuid(a3057187-c40f-4ffa-9160-2b16482053b1)]
interface nsIFontCatalogService : nsISupports
  nsIArray getFontCatalogEntries(in ACString familyName,
                                 in ACString language,
                                 in unsigned short weight,
                                 in unsigned short width,
                                 in unsigned short slant,
                                 in unsigned short spacing);

  // Definition for weight
  const unsigned short kFCWeightAny      =   0;
  const unsigned short kFCWeightLight    = 300;
  const unsigned short kFCWeightBook     = 400;
  const unsigned short kFCWeightMedium   = 400;
  const unsigned short kFCWeightRegular  = 400;
  const unsigned short kFCWeightDemi     = 600;
  const unsigned short kFCWeightDemibold = 600;
  const unsigned short kFCWeightBold     = 700;
  const unsigned short kFCWeighBlack     = 900;

  // Definition for width
  const unsigned short kFCWidthAny           = 0;
  const unsigned short kFCWidthNarrow        = 3;
  const unsigned short kFCWidthSemicondensed = 4;
  const unsigned short kFCWidthBlock         = 5;
  const unsigned short kFCWidthMedium        = 5;
  const unsigned short kFCWidthNormal        = 5;
  const unsigned short kFCWidthBold          = 7;
  const unsigned short kFCWidthWide          = 7;
  const unsigned short kFCWidthDoubleWide    = 9;

  // Definition for slant
  const unsigned short kFCSlantAny            = 0;
  const unsigned short kFCSlantRoman          = 1;
  const unsigned short kFCSlantItalic         = 2;
  const unsigned short kFCSlantOblique        = 3;
  const unsigned short kFCSlantReverseItalic  = 4;
  const unsigned short kFCSlantReverseOblique = 5;

  // Definition for spacing
  const unsigned short kFCSpacingAny          = 0;
  const unsigned short kFCSpacingMonospace    = 1;
  const unsigned short kFCSpacingProportional = 2;