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Follow-up nits to bug 714393.

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#include "nsMathMLsemanticsFrame.h"

// <semantics> -- associate annotations with a MathML expression

NS_NewMathMLsemanticsFrame(nsIPresShell* aPresShell, nsStyleContext* aContext)
  return new (aPresShell) nsMathMLsemanticsFrame(aContext);



  // The REC defines the following elements to be embellished operators:
  // * one of the elements msub, msup, msubsup, munder, mover, munderover,
  //   mmultiscripts, mfrac, or semantics (Section 5.1 Annotation Framework),
  //   whose first argument exists and is an embellished operator; 
  // If our first child is an embellished operator, its flags bubble to us
  mPresentationData.baseFrame = mFrames.FirstChild();
  GetEmbellishDataFrom(mPresentationData.baseFrame, mEmbellishData);

  return NS_OK;