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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsICacheEntry;
interface nsIApplicationCache;

[scriptable, uuid(1fc9fe11-c6ac-4748-94bd-8555a5a12b94)]
interface nsICacheEntryOpenCallback : nsISupports
   * State of the entry determined by onCacheEntryCheck.
   * ENTRY_WANTED - the consumer is interested in the entry, we will pass it.
   * RECHECK_AFTER_WRITE_FINISHED - the consumer cannot use the entry while data is
   *    still being written and wants to check it again after the current write is
   *    finished. This actually prevents concurrent read/write and is used with
   *    non-resumable HTTP responses.
   * ENTRY_NEEDS_REVALIDATION - entry needs to be revalidated first with origin server,
   *    this means the loading channel will decide whether to use the entry content
   *    as is after it gets a positive response from the server about validity of the
   *    content ; when a new content needs to be loaded from the server, the loading
   *    channel opens a new entry with OPEN_TRUNCATE flag which dooms the one
   *    this check has been made for.
   * ENTRY_NOT_WANTED - the consumer is not interested in the entry, we will not pass it.
  const unsigned long ENTRY_WANTED = 0;
  const unsigned long RECHECK_AFTER_WRITE_FINISHED = 1;
  const unsigned long ENTRY_NEEDS_REVALIDATION = 2;
  const unsigned long ENTRY_NOT_WANTED = 3;

   * Callback to perform any validity checks before the entry should be used.
   * Called before onCacheEntryAvailable callback, depending on the result it
   * may be called more then one time.
   * This callback is ensured to be called on the same thread on which asyncOpenURI
   * has been called, unless nsICacheStorage.CHECK_MULTITHREADED flag has been specified.
   * In that case this callback can be invoked on any thread, usually it is the cache I/O
   * or cache management thread.
   * This callback may be invoked sooner then respective asyncOpenURI call exits.
   * @param aEntry
   *    An entry to examine.  Consumer has a chance to decide whether the
   *    entry is valid or not.
   * @param aApplicationCache
   *    Optional, application cache the entry has been found in, if any.
   * @return
   *    State of the entry, see the constants just above.
  unsigned long onCacheEntryCheck(in nsICacheEntry aEntry,
                                  in nsIApplicationCache aApplicationCache);

   * Callback giving actual result of asyncOpenURI.  It may give consumer the cache 
   * entry or a failure result when it's not possible to open it from some reason.
   * This callback is ensured to be called on the same thread on which asyncOpenURI
   * has been called.
   * This callback may be invoked sooner then respective asyncOpenURI call exits.
   * @param aEntry
   *    The entry bound to the originally requested URI.  May be null when
   *    loading from a particular application cache and the URI has not
   *    been found in that application cache.
   * @param aNew
   *    Whether no data so far has been stored for this entry, i.e. reading
   *    it will just fail.  When aNew is true, a server request should be
   *    made and data stored to this new entry.
   * @param aApplicationCache
   *    When an entry had been found in an application cache, this is the
   *    given application cache.  It should be associated with the loading
   *    channel.
   * @param aResult
   *    Result of the request.  This may be a failure only when one of these
   *    issues occur:
   *    - the cache storage service could not be started due to some unexpected
   *      faulure
   *    - there is not enough disk space to create new entries
   *    - cache entry was not found in a given application cache
  void onCacheEntryAvailable(in nsICacheEntry aEntry,
                             in boolean aNew,
                             in nsIApplicationCache aApplicationCache,
                             in nsresult aResult);