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NS_COM nsTAdoptingString_CharT&
nsTAdoptingString_CharT::operator=( const self_type& str )
    // This'll violate the constness of this argument, that's just
    // the nature of this class...
    self_type* mutable_str = const_cast<self_type*>(&str);

    if (str.mFlags & F_OWNED)
        // We want to do what Adopt() does, but without actually incrementing
        // the Adopt count.  Note that we can be a little more straightforward
        // about this than Adopt() is, because we know that str.mData is
        // non-null.  Should we be able to assert that str is not void here?
        NS_ASSERTION(str.mData, "String with null mData?");
        mData = str.mData;
        mLength = str.mLength;
        SetDataFlags(F_TERMINATED | F_OWNED);

        // Make str forget the buffer we just took ownership of.
        new (mutable_str) self_type();


    return *this;