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#include "nsSubstringTuple.h"

#if 0
  // convert fragment to |const string_base_type&|
#define TO_SUBSTRING(_v)                                        \
    ( (ptrdiff_t(_v) & 0x1)                                     \
        ? reinterpret_cast<const abstract_string_type*>(        \
            ((unsigned long)_v & ~0x1))->ToSubstring()          \
        : *reinterpret_cast<const substring_type*>((_v)) )

  // convert fragment to |const substring_type&|
#define TO_SUBSTRING(_v)                                        \
    ( (_v)->mVTable == obsolete_string_type::sCanonicalVTable   \
        ? *(_v)->AsSubstring()                                   \
        :  (_v)->ToSubstring() )
#define TO_SUBSTRING(_v) (*(_v))

  // define nsSubstringTuple
#include "string-template-def-unichar.h"
#include "nsTSubstringTuple.cpp"
#include "string-template-undef.h"

  // define nsCSubstringTuple
#include "string-template-def-char.h"
#include "nsTSubstringTuple.cpp"
#include "string-template-undef.h"